Where vibration control for high-performance audio and video is everything: the widest range of products, the most innovative and proven designs, the best array of flexible solutions.

TerraStone™ component footers, platforms and equipment racks. Unique to edenSound and available only from us, our TerraStone line offers the ultimate vibration-control upgrade. TerraCone™ hybrid-composite footers with brass cone points, offering precise and secure height adjustment. NEW for 2015: TerraStone Roller Bearing isolation footers with stacked, captive bearings. TerraStone anti-resonant platforms, custom-made for your components or speakers, in a range of thicknesses and with a choice of finish options. TerraStone equipment racks comprehensively made to order.

Bearpaws: massive, 100% pure brass footers for audio and video components, for equipment racks and for speakers. CNC-machined with a brilliant finish. Available unthreaded, or threaded to match any specification, with a huge variety of thread sizes in stock. The best range of heavy brass footers–including the 6.5 pound Papa Bearpaw–for use on hard surfaces, on carpet and with area rugs. All at high-value price points and shipped worldwide, direct from the maker.

High-value solid brass cones and spikes for speakers, subwoofers, stands and racks: stocked in a range of sizes and suited to a variety of substrate surfaces.

Damping Disc™ resonance-eliminating brass weights with isodamp constrained-layer backing. For components, speakers, subs and more.

Sonic performance second to none, made in America.