edenSound is: total audio vibration-isolation and noise control: 100% solid brass cones; as well as isolation footers, component plinths and racks made from our proprietary resonance-control composite, TerraStone ©.

Defeat signal-corrupting microphony, structure-borne vibration and EMI/RFI with heavy brass component footers, threaded spikes for your speakers, and TerraStone super high-density polymer footers and platforms (EMI-proof, anti-static and vibration-attenuating.) Mass-load your electronics, equipment rack and speaker stands with massive brass damping weights.

Eliminate unwanted background noise (hiss, hum, rumble) in your high-end stereo, multi-channel A/V system, DVD or Blu-ray player. Audiophile-tested and scientifically sound tweaks to let you hear ALL of the music.

Looking for brass? We have the best sounding, most affordable, highest quality brass audio accessories available.

Component footers and spikes for speakers/ampstands available with ANY SIZE thread to match that in your gear (nominal charge); just ask.

Everything made in America (northern Vermont) from American materials with American labor.

contact: dan @ dan@edensoundaudio.com, or call (802) 635 7410.

Don't want to make a toll call? We are happy to call you at our expense and at your convenience. Send an email to arrange.

Each product results from: patient listening, passionate dedication to sonic design principles (rigidity, mass, the absolute best materials) and loving craftsmanship. Individually handmade by skilled craftspersons who love music.

All backed by our guarantee: dissatisfied in some way with a product? We'll make it right, or else refund your money.

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