Web Specials 2014


TerraCube $19 $15 each Solid TS block, 2" sq. Gloss black. Planed super-flat. Finish is utilitarian.
TerraTile $17 $13 each Solid TS, 1" High x 2" W x 2" D. Utilitarian mill-finish, as w/ TerraCube.
TerraSlab 18" x 15" x 1" $375 $290 Plain mill-finish platform, drop-shipped. No edge detail/feet.
TS 1/2Stone Footer $135/set of three, SHIPS FREE* 1" H x 2" Wide Pure cylinder, w/o bearing.
TS Footer $150/set of three, SHIPS FREE* 2" x 2" Pure cylinder, w/o bearing.

Brass footers

Bearpaw Sr $348/set of TWELVE, SHIPS FREE* 2" x 2"


Vermont Maple Stand, list $1990, now $900, 26 W x 22 D x 27 H, three-shelf, maple columns.

Solid brass Damping Weights, etc.

Damping Weight Grab Bag $95 Nine pieces total, includes 3", 2" or smaller diameters.
Gordos (FatBoys) $39 ea, SHIPS FREE* 3" dampers, free upgrade of EAR elastomer backing.



* asterisk denotes free shipping anywhere in the US. Split shipping in Canada.

no returns on sale, discounted, or custom items.

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