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Where vibration control for high-performance audio and video is everything: the widest range of products, the most innovative and proven designs, the best array of flexible solutions.

TerraStone™ component footers, platforms and equipment racks. Unique to edenSound and available only from us, our TerraStone line offers the ultimate vibration-control upgrade. TerraCone™ hybrid-composite footers with brass cone points, offering precise and secure height adjustment. TerraStone Roller Bearing isolation footers with stacked, captive bearings. TerraStone anti-resonant platforms, custom-made for your components or speakers, in a range of thicknesses and with a choice of finish options. TerraStone equipment racks comprehensively made to order.

Bearpaws: the best available high-mass coupling diode for audio and video components, for equipment racks and speakers and more. Precisely CNC-machined and durably finished. Optional threading to match any specification, with a wide variety of thread sizes in stock. Models for use with hard surfaces –such as dedicated equipment shelving and isolation platforms–as well as footers ideally suited for flooring: hardwood and tile, carpet and rugs.

And yet more brass cones and spikes …audiophile performance, unmatched value.

Damping Disc™ resonance-eliminating brass weights. With isodamp constrained-layer backing, they have no musical equal anywhere. For electronics, speakers, subs, more.

Sonic performance second to none, made with loving pride in the Green Mountains of Vermont.