Customer Service


Every one of our standard inventory products comes with a money-back guarantee. Return the item within 60 days of purchase, in original condition, for a full refund of the product price. Custom work and custom-modified items, package deals or otherwise-discounted merchandise are exceptions. Please note that shipping charges are in no cases refundable. Any and all payments for custom work, sale items, quantity-discounted wares and the like (including initial deposits) are non-refundable.


Want to upgrade? On current products, we offer trade-in credits of 60-95% of the original product price, depending on the item and its condition, toward an item of equal or greater value. It may be possible to trade in discontinued products, or custom work, or even the competition’s wares. Call or email to discuss.

Custom work

A gallery of all the made-to-order racks, platforms, turntable platters, arm pillars and assorted accessories we have built would require a website twice this size. If you are committed to having something made especially for you, we’ll happily work overtime to make it happen. With our help, you’ll provide exact dimensions and tolerances. For some jobs, a drawing will be required (though the drawing need not be to scale–a simple sketch with accurate specifications may well suffice.)

Modifications / semi-custom work

Want a different thread size on a set of existing footers? Want an older item’s finish restored? Have some other mod in mind? For prompt help with any such serious inquiry, contact us. If at all possible, and for only a nominal charge, we will modify, re-machine, or polish your item. Even if it was made by someone else.

Our commitment to quality and service

While our money-back guarantee is limited to original purchasers of standard inventory goods for 60 days after sale, we nevertheless stand firmly behind all our work: whatever it is you have in mind, we will collaborate on a solution for you. Bought an edenSound product on the secondhand market and want it adapted to your purpose? Missing one piece from a set of (now discontinued) footers? For any other product-support requirement, contact us and we’ll help.